Prices for All Tours and Safaris; Extra Night rates; Vehicle hire; and for Short Excursions in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

These are prices for all scheduled gorilla tours to Uganda and Rwanda; for extra nights stayed in hotels, lodges and camps; for short safaris; and vehicle hire rates in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. Follow the links below for any of the services you wish to do. Clients are advised not to carry too much money around. Our safaris are all-inclusive and except for a need to tip, buy souvenirs and a few meals in towns, there may be nothing else in relation to your safari that you need to buy. Information on our scheduled safaris is given below. Our scheduled safaris have a fixed itinerary and leave on the dates stated, subject to a minimum of two and maximum of six persons. We can also make tailor-made safaris to suit client interests.  Please ask for suggestions.

Prices - Short Tours and Excursions to Uganda, Rwanda and Burund; vehicle hire; Extra night rates for hotels, lodges and camps

Please follow any of the links below for all the details you need. 

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ChimpanzeeThere are no restrictions on importation or exportation of currency into or out of Uganda, Congo and Burundi and Rwanda although any monies over US$5000 may be declared to customs officials. Licensed Forex Bureaus can be found in all major urban areas and are abundant in Kampala, Kigali and Bujumbura. Money can be exchanged from some international hotels and banks in cities. Some licensed individuals also exchange cash in Kigali and at borders. It is best to consult your guide for advice on the licensed and trustworthy money exchange agents. Individual Agents and forex bureaus will gladly exchange. It is safest to carry US Dollars. When changing travellers cheques a valid passport may be required, and the exchange rate for these could be less than that for real money notes. Some agencies may ask for your Sales Advice Slip. It is also important to note that small denomination bills of US$1, 5, 10, and 20 are changed at a substantially reduced rate, as are torn and soiled notes. This can be as much as a 5% difference or more.