Prices for Park entrance, other park fees, Gorilla permits, boarder crossing charges in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

These are prices for park fees, other fees to Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. Read below for any of the tours you wish to do. Unlike our longer, gorilla safaris whose prices are all-inclusive, here you need money to tip, buy souvenirs and a few meals in town. These details will enable our clients to plan their trip accordingly, especially for those who wish to book only transport, ans wish to pay the rest directly themselves.

Prices - Park Fees, Gorilla Permit Fees, Boarder crossing charges to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi

1. Price for your programme:       

Here is the breakdown of other costs for each group:     

- Rwanda gorilla permit $ 1,500/person   
- Gorilla permit for Congo $ 500/person                   
- Chimpanzee permit for Kyambura gorge $55/person      
- Chimpanzee permit for Kibale Forest $125
- Chimpanzee permit for Budongo Forest $50/person. Each day Budongo takes up to 24 people to track chimps.
- Chimp tracking in Budongo has the following schedule:

    07.30AM: Maximum 6 persons allowed,
    08.30AM: Maximum 6 persons allowed,
    2.30PM: Maximum 6 persons allowed,
    3.30PM: Maximum 6 persons allowed,

- Park fees Kibale Forest $30/person        
- Rafting fees (full day rafting) at Jinja $125/person       
- Rafting fees (half day rafting) at Jinja $80/person                 
- Coach Transport (EURO 120 per day in Uganda; EURO 130 per day in Rwanda, Congo or Burundi)   

2. The tour leader will pay for his gorilla permit but will travel free for some services: chimp permit in Kyambura, Chimp permit for Kibale Forest, rafting fees. 

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Our fees do not include;     

UGANDA FEES          

- Pope Paul Memorial Hotel: It is now at 40euro a room of two people per night (with breakfast)      
- Entrance fees in parks: US$30 per person day (or $50 for two days)  
- Entrance fees in Kibale chimpanzee park: US$30 per person day        
- Chimpanzee tracking Kyambura gorge: US$55    
- Entrance fees to Kibale park: US$30 per person day     
- Chimpanzee tracking Budongo forest: US$50
- Chimpanzee tracking Kibale Forest: US$125      
- Launch cruise in Murchison Falls: US$20/person 
- Launch cruise in Queen Elizabeth: US$20/person
- Ferry crossing in Murchison         
- Visa fees to Uganda: US$50/person single entry; or US$200/person multiple entry   
- Visa fees to Rwanda: US$60/person       
- Visa fees to Burundi: US$50/person       
- Visa fees to Congo: US$50/person         
- Visa fee to return to Uganda from Congo: US$50 (only if one did not purchase a multiple entry visa)        
- Accommodation and meals
- Ferry crossing in Murchison         
- Other fees/expenditures not listed (e.g. tips for guide, etc)    
-  Gorilla permit USD 550PP  
- Rafting fees (full day rafting) at Jinja $125/person       
- Rafting fees (half day rafting) at Jinja $80/person                 
- Coach Transport (EURO 120 per day in Uganda; EURO 130 per day in Rwanda, Congo or Burundi).  

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RWANDA FEES         

- EUR 130 per day in Rwanda for the coach.       
- EURO 100 per day in Rwanda for smaller car that takes 7-9 people with limited luggage.
Entrance fees in Rwanda:   
- Volcanoes N.P: US$25 (included in gorilla permit fee. This is paid for other activities in park such as nature walk)  
- Boarder crossing charges, PNV fees, ranger, Administration fees: US$40/person (mandatory for everybody except tour leader)

- Akagera: US$40 per person per day. Including our guide who you will pay for as he is Ugandan (non-Rwandan)     
- Boat/canoe Akagera: $40 pp         
- Vehicle entrance Akagera: US$30 for all days vehicle is there  
- Nyungwe: US$40 entrance pp, chimps US$70, nature walk US$50      
- Camping fees US$20 Nyungwe, Akagera US$10  
- Gorilla permit        USD 550PP     
- climb the Visoke volcano ($100)  
- Climb Karisimbi volcano (2 days - $225pp you must have your own camping equipment, food, water, clothing/bedding, etc)        
- track the golden monkeys ($100pp),      
- trek to Karisoke Research Centre which Dian Fossey set up ($100pp) 
- or visit local communities, including an excursion to a pigmy community (price is variable depending on activities and/or transport).
- Nature walk $55 = 30 + 25

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3. Gorilla permit fees:      
With effect from June 01, 2009 gorilla permits will cost as follows:   

Uganda Gorillas USD 550 including Administration fees, Community fees, and ranger fees.    

Congo   USD 500 includes transport in Congo, permit, Administration fees, Community fees, and ranger fees.         

PNV, Rwanda USD 550 including Administration fees, Community fees, and ranger fees.

4. Daily charges for transport      
- EURO 120 per day for the Coach transport in Uganda (it seats 12-18 people with their luggage)
- EUR 130 per day for the coach in Rwanda, Burundi or Congo (for Congo tours).       
- EURO 90 per day for the luggage van in Uganda if required by any group.
- EURO 90 per day for a smaller car that takes 7-9 people with limited luggage, inUganda.
- EURO 100 for Rwanda per day for smaller car that takes 7-9 people with limited luggage.
- The above costs are per day and include vehicle hire and driver's allowance only. Costs do not include fuel, vehicle park entrance, vehicle ferry crossings, vehicle boarder crossings, driver/guide's park/activity fees in Rwanda.

The vehicle and driver are usually used between morning and 6.00pm.

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ChimpanzeeThere are no restrictions on importation or exportation of currency into or out of Uganda, Congo and Burundi and Rwanda although any monies over US$5000 may be declared to customs officials. Licensed Forex Bureaus can be found in all major urban areas and are abundant in Kampala, Kigali and Bujumbura. Money can be exchanged from some international hotels and banks in cities. Some licensed individuals also exchange cash in Kigali and at borders. It is best to consult your guide for advice on the licensed and trustworthy money exchange agents. Individual Agents and forex bureaus will gladly exchange. It is safest to carry US Dollars. When changing travellers cheques a valid passport may be required, and the exchange rate for these could be less than that for real money notes. Some agencies may ask for your Sales Advice Slip. It is also important to note that small denomination bills of US$1, 5, 10, and 20 are changed at a substantially reduced rate, as are torn and soiled notes. This can be as much as a 5% difference or more.