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Rwanda is a small country but of colorful contrasts. Explore it all with ease and in-depth with, Pinnacle Associates, your ultimate safari mate in Africa. Discover Rwanda's in sights with our tours and excursions in Rwanda. Trek the rare mountain gorillas, tour the dazzling charms of Rwanda's cities and its rich culture, history, traditionswith professional guidance, comfortable vehicles while staying in a range of comfortable hotels and safari lodges.

Our Rwanda tours are guided by experienced and knowledgeable tour guides who will escort you through out your journey in Rwanda, discovering the country's unique treasures.

Our Rwanda Safaris

Rwanda GorillasGorilla Trekking Safaris

We organize gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda. These tours range from short gorilla treks of 2 days to long gorilla trips combined with other activities such as chimpanzee tracking, game viewing.



Rwanda CulturesCulture, Genocide Memorial

Discover Rwanda's cultural sites that include museums, genocide memorial sites in Kigali, Butare, and get to learn about the culture and history of Rwanda with our cultural tours. You can also engage in some of the activities that are done by the local communities.



Meeting HallConference & Events

We can arrange event venues for small and big groups, private executive meetings, events and conferences for those interested in hosting their conferences and conventions in Rwanda.



Boat CruisesBoat Cruises

Lake Kivu, the largest of numerous freshwater lakes that shimmer in the valleys of Rwanda is an ideal stopping point to relax, swim, or take a cruise past the small lakeside villages that offer a rewarding glimpse of rural life.




Wildlife AkageraWildlife Safaris in Akagera:

The 2500 sq km Akagera National Park has a variety of wildlife and is a habitat for over 500 different species of birds. We offer several wildlife safaris that will enable you see most of the Rwanda's animals including elephants.



Chimp in GombePrimates Adventures

Apart from the rare mountain gorillas, Rwanda boasts of about 11 different primates including the Golden Monkeys, the Chimpanzees, and a host of different species of Monkeys. Join a primate safari in Rwanda and trek.




We offer several tours and safaris in Rwanda. Below are the different links. Feel free to browse through these links by clicking for detailed tour itineraries falling under each category.

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Rwanda is a small country but of colorful contrasts. Explore it all with ease and in-depth with our scheduled safaris.

istanbul travel agency, agent offering guided and escorted city tours RWANDA GORILLA TOUR RW 1: Gorillas Express (3 days) departs every Friday.
istanbul travel agency, agent offering guided and escorted city toursRWANDA GORILLA TOUR Rw5: Gorillas, Chimpsand Birds in Rwanda tour (7 Days)
bosphorus cruise yacht tripRWANDA GORILLA TOUR Rw6: Gorillas, Chimps and Birds in Rwanda and Uganda (12 Days)
istanbul travel tours guides - about usRWANDA GORILLA TOUR RW 7: Jewels of Rwanda (12 days)

Scheduled tours in Rwanda operate on a minimum of 2 people and maximum of 7 persons, except where specified.